Cat owners are a rare breed of human, one with discerning taste for cuddles and soft purring while our finicky felines loyally sit on our lap or next to us. Each breed is quite distinctive in their behaviors and personalities, which only true cat lovers understand.

Research the different types of personalities and type of hair to see which one best fits in with you and your family. Here's to finding the purrfect cat for many years to come!

abyssinian cat - abyssinian cat breed


About Abyssinian Cats Abyssinian Cat Breed Facts The Abyssinian cat breed is one of the most highly coveted breeds for its exotic appearance and vivacious nature. This breed is known…

balinese cat


Balinese Cat Breeds Overview of the Balinese Breed As a close descendant of the Siamese breed, Balinese cats are known for their intelligence, grace, and affection as a breed. Balinese…

burmese cat - sable burmese cat


Burmese Cat Personality The Burmese cat temperament is described as playful, energetic, intelligent, trusting, and outgoing. These felines enjoy cuddling on a lap but also love an energetic game of…

cornish rex cat - cornish rex cat names

Cornish Rex Cat

What Is a Cornish Rex Cat? The Cornish Rex is a cat breed that originated in Cornwall in the United Kingdom (UK). With a very distinctive appearance and coat, the…

baby hairless kitten

Hairless Cat Breeds

Hairless Cat Allergies What Are Hairless Cat Breeds? As the name suggests, hairless cats are cats that either have a fine down coat or no coat at all. Though there…

scottish fold munchkin cat


Personality Often compared to the Dachshund dog breed or a ferret, the Munchkin cat breed possesses a similarly elongated body that is quite uncharacteristic for a feline. Given their body…

oriental shorthair - oriental shorthair cats

Oriental Shorthair

Oriental Shorthair Personality Intelligent, curious, and chatty, Oriental Shorthair cats are known to get very attached to their humans. These felines crave attention and companionship and will not thrive if…

white persian cat


Types of Persian Cat Breeds Overview of Persian Cats The Persian cat breed is renowned for their elegance and regality as a breed. Having come from Iran (originally Persia), this…

tonkinese cat - tonkinese cat personality


Tonkinese Cat Personality Tonkinese cats do not fit the stereotype of aloof cats. Instead, Tonkinese (also known as Tonks) are friendly, loving, and crave companionship. Tonks love being in the…

toyger - toyger cat


Personality and Temperament Toyger cats (toy tiger) are one of the newest cat breeds to be officially recognized in the United States. This unique feline was specifically bred to capture…

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