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Balinese Cat Breeds

Overview of the Balinese Breed

As a close descendant of the Siamese breed, Balinese cats are known for their intelligence, grace, and affection as a breed. Balinese cats also go by other names like the long haired Siamese or the Javanese.

Although no formal connection has been established between them, Balinese cats are said to have been named after the dancers on the exotic island of Bali due to its slender build.


Balinese cats are extremely similar to their close relative, the Siamese, in nearly every respect. One of the only ways Balinese are different than Siamese is their coat. Compared to the Siamese cat’s short fur, Balinese cats have long, glossy fur. Balinese also have a full tail, while Siamese have long, skinny tails.

Besides this, however, Balinese have the same slim, muscular body type that Siamese do. Balinese have a triangular shaped head, slanted eyes, and wide set, pointed ears. Like their striking ancestors, this breed possesses beautifully blue eyes.

Concerning Balinese cat weight, this breed is medium to large in terms of size. Males tend to weigh about 12 to 15 pounds and females weigh just a bit less than that.

This breed is renowned for its remarkably good health record. It boasts of a life expectancy that can last up to 22 years.

apple headed balinesePrice

This breed tends to be one of the more expensive breeds to purchase due to their unique characteristics, low maintenance, and healthy track record. Depending upon breeding practices, genetic lineage, and overall health, Balinese cat prices can go for upwards of $600.

Balinese Coat Colors

This cat breed is highly coveted for the beautiful coat colors it possesses. The most common color pattern for this breed is pointed coloring. This means that the cat’s coat is white or cream colored all over with its ears, nose, feet, and tail being a darker type of color.

Below are the common pointed colors seen in this breed:

  • Seal Point Balinese
  • Blue Point Balinese
  • Lilac Point Balinese
  • Lynx Point Balinese

Balinese Cat Personality

The Balinese breed is known for its innate, high level of intelligence and its ability to adapt. This breed is one that can enjoy purring quietly next to its owner one minute and wanting to play games the next. These cats are busy bodies that do well with having something to keep its mind occupied.

Balinese are one of the most talkative and social cat breeds. Potential owners should be warned that the Balinese cat can even be a bit intrusive at times, always preferring to follow its owners all day long. They crave human connection and can even sense a human’s changing moods.

Balinese also do well with other animals and children. They are a good-natured breed and seem to get along with everyone.

Lastly, this breed maintains a constant high level of energy that needs to be expended, one way or another. It is recommended that owners spend time socializing with their Balinese, teaching it tricks, and giving it affection.

Caring for Balinese Cats

Besides minimal grooming once or twice per week, the care required for a Balinese is essentially the same as it is for every other average cat breed. Like other cats, Balinese cat owners should keep its nails short to avoid snagging on material.

Their ears should also be routinely checked, especially in the summer months, for parasites that may be unknowingly making their home in the cat’s ear.

Cats should also get their teeth brushed frequently. This can be a difficult task to complete, but its important to keep tooth decay away.

balinese kittenAre Balinese Cats Hypoallergenic and Do They Shed?

The Balinese breed of cat is among the list of cat breeds that shed the least amount. For a long haired cat such as the Balinese, this is almost unheard of.

Fortunately, their tendency to shed less is music to the ears of many cat owners, especially those that struggle with allergy symptoms around felines. Less shedding usually means less allergens in the air.

In fact, the Balinese cat is named as one of the most hypoallergenic cat breeds one can buy. This makes people extremely allergic to cats especially drawn to the Balinese Cat. Hypoallergenic Cats have been found to produce a considerably less amount of dander than other cats, which is the allergen responsible for cat allergies in humans.

Because of the Balinese cat’s minimal shedding, it makes them an ideal cat for those suffering with extreme allergies.

Balinese Cat Health Issues

Beware of Breeders

Due to the Balinese cat’s status as a hybrid breed with the Siamese breed, it is always crucially important to choose a breeder that is reputable, honest, and certified. Some potentially detrimental conditions can be bred into a cat if the breeder is unethical.

For this reason, a Balinese breeder should be able to provide a prospective owner with full immunization records and certificates that the breed is free from detrimental diseases. In addition, owners should ensure that the cat receives regular check-ups at a vet and receives all core vaccinations, such as those for distemper and rabies.

hypoallergenic balinese catSpecific Health Concerns

While the Balinese breed is generally a healthy breed, there are some genetically inherited conditions that are cause for concern. Every cat owner should be vigilant and sensitive to any sudden changes in a cat’s activity levels or behavior. If any doubts or concerns arise, consulting a board-certified vet is always recommended.

Below are some of the potential health issues which can occur in the Balinese cat breed:

  • Cross eyes.
  • Feline acromelanism:

Inherited condition whereby the color of the cat’s coat changes according to temperature.

Occurs when the liver receives abnormal amounts of the protein amyloid.

  • Lysosomal storage disease:

This is a condition affecting neurological functioning.

  • Gastrointestinal conditions.
  • Heart defects that are congenital in nature.
  • Asthma, or other breathing-related issues.

Nearly all these issues are also known to occur in the Siamese breed, which is its closest relative. Because of this, it is important for Balinese cat owners to keep in mind that whatever disease or condition that occurs in the Siamese breed is fair game for the Balinese breed as well. CatCuddles lists more cat breeds on our site all the time, too.

If any of the conditions are seen in a Balinese or any breed of cat, a vet should be notified immediately.

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