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Hairless Cat Allergies

What Are Hairless Cat Breeds?

As the name suggests, hairless cats are cats that either have a fine down coat or no coat at all. Though there are several distinct hairless cat breeds that fall under the umbrella of the hairless cat label, they all look very similar in their appearance.

All hairless cats tend to have large, wide-set ears, wrinkly skin, and curiously round eyes. These cats are small to medium in size and muscular in build. In terms of a hairless cat’s lifespan on average, some of them can live up to 14 years old if kept in good health.

Even with no fur, hairless cats come in various skin colors such as chocolate, blue, lavender, red and white.

hairless kitten and calico catsCaring for Hairless Cats

Because of their lack of fur and insulation, hairless cats tend to need more care and attention than other breeds. These cats often need to be wearing sweaters to add a layer of warmth.

Most hairless cats require a weekly sponge bath in warm water to combat oil build-up. If these cats are not frequently bathed, they can develop skin conditions like acne, and their skin can become sticky to the touch.

Special care should be taken to ensure their ears and eyes are free of dirt build-up.

In terms of health problems, hairless cats most commonly are seen with skin conditions like cancer or severe sunburns. They are also susceptible to various heart problems.

Are Hairless Cats Hypoallergenic?

Surprisingly, hairless cats are not hypoallergenic, which seems counter-intuitive at first. Dander (which comes from hair shedding) and saliva secretions both contain high levels of allergens that can be extremely irritating to people with allergies.

However, even with their lack of hair, hairless cats still produce enough allergens to miss out on the hypoallergenic classification.

hairless catCommon Hairless Cat Breeds

It is a known fact that the cat breeds categorized as hairless share many of the characteristics of the Sphynx breed. Whether it be looks, temperament, or body structure, most hairless breeds closely resemble the Sphynx in its muscular build, exotic features, and people-loving personality.

Even so, these other hairless breeds still possess their own distinctions that make them unique. Below are the 7 most common hairless cat breeds.

Dwelf Cat Breed

The Dwelf cat is a bizarre, unique looking creature. As a cross-combination triad of the Sphynx, Munchkin, and American Curl breeds, the Dwelf is famous for its odd appearance.

These tiny cats feature a long, curly tail, stubby legs, large feet, and crumpled skin. Their ears are set wide apart and they maintain the slanted eyes of the Sphynx. The Dwelf cat rarely weighs more than about 7 pounds.

This breed is known for being clever and social. Dwelfs love to play, having the capability of being trained like a canine. They are delightfully pleasant cats that are often seeing loving on their owners.

Elf Cat Breed

The Elf cat, part of the hairless cat breed, is known for its twisted, wrinkled face and curled ears. Its long, skinny tail coupled with its alien-like eyes give it an otherworldly look. The Elf is a hybrid between a Sphynx cat and an American Curl cat.

Like many of the hairless cats, the Elf cat is lovingly affectionate, energetic, and talkative.

cute hairless catUkrainian Levkoy Cat Breed

This breed of cat hails from Ukraine, hence its name. Quite unlike the appearance of most hairless cats, the Ukrainian Levkoy has small, rounded ears. They are a mix between the Scottish Fold and a Donskoy, another hairless cat breed.

This easy-going breed is always up for a game. Their curious nature may lead them into mischief, so it is important that plenty of games are supplied to hold their interest. Overall, this breed is wonderful for families.

Peterbald Cat Breed

The Peterbald breed features an athletic build, a wedge-shaped head, and enormous, pointed ears. Originating in Russia, this sophisticated breed is a fusion between an Oriental Shorthair and a Sphynx.

These inquisitive felines are praised for their unwavering loyalty to their owners. Just like the Sphynx breed, Peterbald cats can be social butterflies.

Donskoy Cat Breed

This striking breed is half Siamese cat and half Peterbald cat. They have a muscular build, webbed toes, and skin that is noticeably wrinkly.

In terms of personality type, Donskoy cats love people and are quite affectionate. These smart cats are dog-like and can easily be trained. They are ideal for families, given their good-natured temperament.

Bambino Cat Breed

Unlike its hairless equivalents, the Bambino cat breed is known for its short, stocky legs and Sphynx-like features. This breed is a cross between the Sphynx cat, given its facial features, and the Munchkin cat, given its stout structure.

This petite cat only grows to weigh about 9 pounds. Given its tiny stature, large ears, and long tail, this breed may even resemble an oversized rat to some. Their distinctly different look makes them all the move appealing to feline aficionados.

Temperament-wise, the Bambino cat adores humans and treats them with warm affection.

calico hairless catSphynx Cat Breed

It can be accurately stated that the Sphynx breed is the king of the hairless breeds. In fact, they rank among the 10 most popular cat breeds. Similar to the other hairless cat breeds, Sphynx cats are wholeheartedly devoted to their owners, often finding joy in just following them around the house. These sweet felines need constant attention and return it in kind to those around them.

This breed is also very vocal, and will make sure their owner knows if something is needed.

Weighing up to 12 pounds, this breed is of medium size. Sphynx cats are well-built with folded skin and big, pointy ears. As mentioned before, the Sphynx’s appearance is the foundation for all other hairless cats. In other words, all other hairless cat breeds seem to mirror the Sphynx, one way or another.

While the Sphynx is healthy overall, it is subject to some serious conditions of the heart and mouth. It also is known to get colds easily, and it is prone to cancer. Premium food, early screenings, vaccinations (such as those for distemper and rabies), and regular check-ups at the vet will keep the Sphynx cat will help it remain in good health.

We’re always adding more cat breeds to our site, and you can find out which cats have hair are actually considered hypoallergenic cats!

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