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Personality and Temperament

Toyger cats (toy tiger) are one of the newest cat breeds to be officially recognized in the United States. This unique feline was specifically bred to capture the exotic appearance of a tiger.

Toyger cats are known to be good-natured, sociable, and lively. Toyger cats and kittens are particularly friendly and adaptable, often getting along well with children, other animals, and strangers alike.

The Toyger’s energetic personality coupled with sharp wits allow these felines to be trained, whether it be performing tricks or going for a walk on a leash.

It is recommended that challenging puzzle games and interactive play be integrated into a Toyger’s daily routines. This will keep their intellect sharp and boredom at bay, which can often happen for cats that are very smart, such as this one.

Toyger cats and kittens thrive on human companionship, often exhibiting unwavering loyalty to those whom it trusts.

toyger kittens - toyger kitten

Are Toyger Cats Good Pets?

Although the price tag attached to Toygers can be steep, they are undeniably good pets to have. Given their friendly, devoted, and vivacious disposition, these cats usually can fit into any family structure.

The Toyger’s ability to get along with anyone or anything makes this feline an awesome, fun, and lovable feline to own.

What Do Toygers Look Like?

On a literal level, Toygers closely resemble the wild tiger. Because of this one facet of their appearance, Toygers are highly prized and sought after.

Similar to tigers, Toygers are medium sized and full of muscle. Its oval head features pointed ears, a straight nose, and almond-shaped hooded eyes. Although its eyes can be any color, they are usually a deep brown or light hazel.

The Toyger’s tail is long and tapered with a solid black tip. Overall, its body is well-proportioned, slender, and elegantly alluring.

The hues and patterns in a Toyger’s coat are what make this feline a much more docile and attainable alternative to an actual tiger.

toygers - toygerToygers possess a short but dense coat that is silky smooth. In terms of coloring, black, brown, orange, and tan colors are intermixed in the striped patterns. Its stripes are bold and striking. There are some White Toyger or Silver Toyger cats and kittens, but they are more difficult to find.

Although other felines have stripes, Toygers exclusively have stripes that are branched or broken off. These stripes are often in asymmetrical patterns across its body and surround its face. These types of stripes are only seen in Toygers, which makes it all the more uncommon.


  • In terms of height, Toygers usually stand at about 8 inches tall.
  • The length of a Toyger is quite long—around 18 inches.
  • The Toyger’s weight is a bit heavy for a feline of medium size. The males belonging to this breed may weigh between 10 and 15 pounds. The females may weigh 10 pounds or less.
Toyger Facts

Below are some interesting facts about this beautiful breed that some may not know:

  • Toygers come with a pretty hefty price tag. This is because it is so time-consuming and meticulous to breed a feline that so closely mirrors a wild cat. Some Toygers may go for around $500, while others may cost a staggering $5,000.
  • The first developer of this cat breed did so with the intention of bringing awareness to the fact that tigers around the world were rapidly declining. Animal conservation was the goal when designing this miniature tiger. In an effort to lure people away from the wild option, she created this domestic look-a-like breed as a more humane (and safer) alternative.
  • The Toyger’s genetics are a mix between a striped shorthair cat and a Bengal cat.

toyger cats - toygers

History and Background

Beginning in the early 1980s, a cat breed developer by the name of Judy Sugden had the idea of creating a domesticated cat that resembled a tiger in all respects possible.

After setting out to make this happen through the crossbreeding of an exotic Bengal with a shorthair tabby, the Toyger was born. Getting the branched stripes of the coat and its authentic coloring was a major undertaking that was meticulous yet rewarding.

Sugden hoped that by having a “tiger for the home,” hunters and feline connoisseurs might be persuaded to leave tigers where they should be—in the wild.

As of now, the International Cat Association is the only organization that has formally accepted this breed. For a feline to belong to considered a Toyger, it must meet 14 strict breed-specific guidelines.

This difficulty in breeding one that will tick every box adds to its extravagant value.

toyger cat breed - toyger tigers

Caring for Toygers

Grooming Requirements

Similar to how it is with every type of feline, Toygers will need its teeth brushed, claws clipped, and ears checked over on a regular basis.

Ear mites are notorious in felines, especially those allowed outside.

With their short hair, Toyger cats requires minimal brushing. Therefore, it should be brushed every other week, at least.


Toygers requires physical and mental exercise to remain healthy. Due to its muscular build and propensity for activity, it is important to give it plenty of daily exercise.

Buying a cat tree or devoting time to play with it is recommended.

This breed is known for its acute intelligence. In order to keep it mentally sharp, teaching it commands or tricks, as well as giving it mentally stimulating games is ideal.

toyger cat - toyger cats

Do Toygers Have Health Problems?

So far, this breed has proven to be both hearty and healthy. Although this may be due to the fact it is a fairly new breed, breeders are hopeful. Not much time has been allowed to see if any distinct medical problems arise, but, thus far, it has shown to be a resilient breed. Good health can be helped by providing core vaccinations, such as those for distemper and rabies. Monthly medication can also be given to prevent parasitic infections, such as heartworms, fleas, and ticks.

The Toyger lifespan averages between 10 and 15 years. This number may fluctuate as time goes on and more data is gathered.

Besides this, the only real health concern with Toyger cats and kittens is of a possible heart murmur. Naturally, this is a comfort to many breeders that have put time and money into developing this the Toyger cat.

Prospective owners should be encouraged, and hopefully enticed, to check out this fascinating breed for themselves.

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